Founders & Directors

Sanjay Dhingra

Managing Director

Sahil Dhingra


Shreya Dhingra


About Us

Our range of products encompassed a wide array of organic, natural and ayurvedic ingredients sourced from different regions in India. Based in Delhi, we are committed to providing our customers with the high quality natural products that meet their diverse needs.

Our journey began over three decades ago, with a passion for the power of natural ingredients. Today we have grown to become a leading manufacturer of essential oils and extract, while still upholding our family values of honesty, integrity and personalised services.

We process our products with utmost care and under government guidelines and all our processes are certified by 3rd party certification bodies. Hence we are committed to using only natural, pure, and high quality ingredients in our products.

Our Mission

Customer Satisfaction

To ensure the delivery of high quality products and services that are cost-effective, safe and sustainable. We must be focused and agile in adapting to customers’ needs and consumers’ preferences.

Create & Design Unique formulations

At PNPP Exim innovation is our passion and we follow it sincerely to deliver what we promised. In order to justify perfect meaning to essence and its applications, our team of creative designers and market researchers work tirelessly and develop unique formulations.

Research & development

To constantly research and source new products that meet our customers’ growing needs. Combining the ancient art of alchemy with modern innovations has been dedicated to capturing the ephemeral aromas and transforming them into memories that endure.

Quality Commitment

At PNPP Exim quality is not only a check but a commitment. It has got a research and innovation centre to match the best in the country. Our core focus and strength is our quality with no compromise and zero tolerance as each and every input is
thoroughly tested.